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I am studying Elementary Education at IUPUI. I plan on minoring in Special Education. I work after school and mentor whenever I have spare time. I love helping out and hanging out with friends and family.

May 27, 2010

Emerging Technologies #1: Gabcast

I chose to experiment with Gabcast. Gabcast as most of you know is a podcast service that allows you to create and distribute audio content. You can do many things with Gacast recordings. You can add them to your website or blog to communicate with others, you can record greetings, be a citizen reporter, conduct interviews, and some people use their recordings an educational tool, get togethers, or just to speak about what is on their mind! You can also use it to describe an item for sale on Ebay! Gabcasts can be very useful to many people as you can see. You can record pretty much anything you would like to,

I learned how to use Gabcast by just clicking and exploring around the website. Once I created my account, I chose to record my first Gabcast via my cell phone. It was really easy to do and when I called the number provided, it was very clear and easy to set up. There were some things that I read that were a little confusing so I just stuck with the basic recording. It is definitly something that I would love to use in my classroom and even to pass on to my friends! The only real down fall I found on the site was that you have to pay to use more than five minutes.

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If I could give any suggestions it would be to make sure that if you don't want to pay for it, use five minutes or less. If you are just wanting to do a basic post, be sure to read everything that they have you fill out because you really won't have to fill out everything. It was pretty simple and uploaded extremely fast!

May 18, 2010


Hello there! Again, my name is Kristen Mikesell. I am studying Elementary Education at IUPUI. I plan on minoring in Special Education as well. I love working with children, especially younger ones. I hope to become a second grade teacher. I am currently attending Ivy Tech too. I love being surrounded by my friends and family. My boyfriend is one of my main supporters, we have been together for quite some time now. I am an insulin dependent Diabetic and have other health problems along with that. While setting up my blog page, the only troubles I really had were trying to figure out where everything was and what it did. I still haven't figured everything out yet but I am sure messing with the site, I will figure everything out. Blogger is definitly simple and easy to set up in my opinon. I am still trying to figure out what templete I like the best. If you have any suggestions or helpful hints please let me know!